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Hope you had a good Monday!

My (4 yr old) daughter has been wanting me to read her, The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe, over and over the last week or so…yes, I know what your thinking…how did that come to be? Well I will tell you! My kids never sit still through a book, EVER, so I was kidding around and started reading it to her. To my surprise she climbed on my lap and made me read it to her over and over again( a girl after my own heart). She learned very quickly where to say NEVERMORE and has been doing it ever since. I was trying to find a book geared towards her age group of the poem. I failed to do so, and so I decided we would make our own version together. Here are a few pages(the book is actually 17), and of course at the end I had to put my scissors! So after a long day(and a migraine) of creating… here it is…Hope you had a good day!


Here is a scissor in disguise. He has his pilgrim hat on, and his Movember mustache! Hope you had a good day!!!

I don’t know why but the kids found this hilarious today!  I stuck the (plastic) scissors in the fan and turned the fan on and they couldn’t stop laughing! I am teaching my kids great thing, huh?


Here are two pics by my two friends…

Gil took this pic:


And Mike Scully drew  this on:


Although I already did an M&M scissor, my daughter wanted to make the scissor of the day today. I played with the picture a bit to give it a different look.

I was playing around with my husbands android tablet and came up with about 4 scissor designs. Unfortunately When it came time to download the pics a few were lost. If they come through my email at some point I will add them to this post.  Hope you enjoyed your Saturday!


I made my sister a Collage Journal of her favorite things to show her students when she starts teaching. She wanted something fun to show them that would also inspire them! As I was doing it I noticed there was a scissor in the paper I was using, which worked out perfect to use as my scissor for today! Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday!


My friends Tara made a set of these  for me, I LOVE THEM!!!! Though it wasn’t my project, she gave them to me so I am using them as day 208! THANKS TARA!!!

MMMM…My favorite!!!!

Today’s scissor is the blue icing from my kids cupcakes. I finger painted with it,lol. Hope you had a happy Friday!!!