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For Chanukah I made my father a vinyl record clock. I had to buy a clock and take the insides out to make the clock for my dad. I couldn’t just throw away the leftovers of the clock, so I made a multimedia art collage with it! I figured it would go perfect with the new pipe bookshelf my husband is building for me(as my present)!!! I know scissors don’t have much of a place with Edgar Allan Poe, but of course I had to add a little of me into the project! Hope you had a good Thursday!


I couldn’t figure out which was the better picture, so here are both.


My (4 yr old) daughter has been wanting me to read her, The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe, over and over the last week or so…yes, I know what your thinking…how did that come to be? Well I will tell you! My kids never sit still through a book, EVER, so I was kidding around and started reading it to her. To my surprise she climbed on my lap and made me read it to her over and over again( a girl after my own heart). She learned very quickly where to say NEVERMORE and has been doing it ever since. I was trying to find a book geared towards her age group of the poem. I failed to do so, and so I decided we would make our own version together. Here are a few pages(the book is actually 17), and of course at the end I had to put my scissors! So after a long day(and a migraine) of creating… here it is…Hope you had a good day!