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Wow…I really can’t believe I finished this project, it is very bittersweet. Although it will be a bit of a relief, it will also be very weird to not be constantly trying to find different things to make look like scissors. I am thinking of doing another 365 project soon, but I am going to give myself a bit of a break. Thank you so much to all of my friends and family who have supported me through this project. It has been quite a journey! My two children have been amazing , every time I turn my head they have either drawn scissors or made something look like scissors. My husband has also helped me so much through this project. He has come up with some great ideas when I was drawing a blank. Thank you again for all your support, I love you all!!!

My last scissor is my kids giant Lego blocks that they got from their grandparents for Chanukah. I took a picture next to my husky, Athena, so you have a better idea on how big these blocks are!


My husband and I got this chess set in Salem, MA. They are faerie and gnome pieces. I was at one time a big collector of different faeries, but due to the kids I had to stop and put them away. I can’t wait until they are old enough not to try to break them so i can put them back out again!

Anyway…ONE MORE DAY!!!! I can’t believe I am just about done!!! Hope you had a fun Saturday and see you all tomorrow for my last scissor of my 365 project!


….yeah I don’t know, I have been sick and must be delusional! Hope you have a good Thursday!

These were my grandparents coasters. As kids my sisters, cousins and I would go to my grandparents and the first thing we would do is take them and start banging them together as loud as possible. They are VERY loud since they are metal. My kids like to do the same. We did hide them for awhile but decided to break them out. I can just hear my grandparents laughing in heaven every time my kids use the coasters as instruments….guess pay back really does stink!

I was walking around the house picking up the scrap paper the kids decided to throw all over the floor and figured I should make a scissor out of it! Hope you had a good Tuesday!

These are some pieces that I messed up through the years…always held on to them because, you never know! Hope you had a wonderful 3 day weekend(to those that were lucky enough to have one)!

Some yummy munchkin scissors for the new year… Hope you had a fun, safe and happy New Year!


My kids got these learning systems for the holidays, and they make a great scissor shape too!


Hope you had a wonderful Friday!

I can’t believe it…I have 10 DAYS LEFT!!!!

I took my dust scissor (which had the look of snow anyway) and edited it into a winter scissor. Hope you had a good Thursday!