Today’s scissor….Ketchup and mustard! Still feeling sore from my oral surgery so I once again took the easy way out…SORRY!!! As soon as I am feeling better I will get back to some more intense creative stuff!!! Happy Tuesday!!!

  1. Madeline Fauls says:

    Hello Rakki,
    What a unique idea -I think you are very clever – I was wondering…when you are working away – are you thinking about your next “design”?? I guess you are! Very original – good on you, I’ll look forward to checking in from time to time – I especially like the bracelet idea and the chocolate. I’ve always been a bit creative too and i am working on some cards now – check out my blog sometime – it’s only new… from Maddy

    • skyravin says:

      I try to think of other ideas while I am working on one, sometimes it comes to me then, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with an idea, and other days I get stuck and think I will not come up with anything and then it will hit me. It is very strange and wonderful how our mind works!!! I will definitely look at your site!! Thank you!!!!

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