Today’s project is a scissor tee shirt. I saw this method on a TV show years ago and never tried it, so I thought why not today!!! Here is the best thing about this project, my daughter(3 1/2 yrs old) put the scissors in the place that SHE wanted them in, which makes it all the more special!

What I did…..
I got a black shirt,
put cardboard in between the front and back so the bleach wouldn’t go through,
spritzed it with a LITTLE water,
placed the scissors down,
poured a little bleach into a spray bottle,
sprayed the tee shirt slightly with the bleach,
once the shirt got to the color I wanted I soaked it in cold water to stop the bleach from bleaching the shirt too much,
washed the shirt in the washing machine.

Hope you enjoy!!!!
ps: Sorry about the background mess in the pics!


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